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Our Heat Exchanger is constructed entirely of high grade stainless steel, and  is a state of art , worldwide patented technology.

The ingenious design allows for counter flow heat exchange resulting in the highest thermal efficiencies. The heat exchanger is thermal shock proof and is backed by the best warranty in the industry. 316L Stainless Steel heat exchanger ensures longevity and reliable operation.

This award winning heat exchanger is a great choice for process application where food grade Stainless Steel is preferred. The compact footprint makes installation quick and easy.

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All Boilers are designed and manufactured based with our internationally patented radial pulse technology. These units are built entirely of 316L Stainless Steel ensuring longevity and freedom from corrosion, as well as allowing all units and products to be designated potable.

Currently carrying the largest range of condensing products in the world, our units boast the highest efficiency offered with one pass design with literally no heat exchange maintenance requirements.

Peripheral equipment is from well respected suppliers with highly developed availability internationally. Optional burners can satisfy the most stringent emission requirements in place in the market today and for the foreseeable future.

State of the art, non propriety controls provides the ability to communicate with all common system protocols used by the industry. Given the solid construction, the product warranty will match or surpass that of any competitor.