Our custom solid wood perimeter heaters and appliance covers look great with hardwood and masonry floors because the components are natural solid hardwood.  Perimeter baseboard heat provides the best available technology for comfort, zoning, and overall heating efficiency.  We use only high output finned tubing for our heating elements to maximize performance.  Finally a perimeter baseboard system that complements your fine furnishings because these custom baseboards are made from furniture grade hardwoods.

Though our quality built baseboards use an innovative and sturdy fastening system, there are no screws or nails in view to lessen the appearance.  Beautiful premium American hardwood to complement hardwood and natural floor surfaces as well as paneled interiors.  Our custom wooden baseboards are an attractive alternative to stamped metal baseboards and avoid the expense and complications of radiant floor heating.  End covers are held in place with magnets to conceal fastening screws.  Anchoring points in ends are fastened securely with Phillipshead screws and are set with a 30 degree offset to allow easy access.

An Excellent Value

Our wooden baseboards are competitively priced and are less expensive than radiant floor heating and metal panel heaters.

Available in Red Oak, Maple, and Walnut

Call us for your next application, or email us your system layout.  New construction or retrofit, we offer standard and high output baseboard systems as well as cover only.

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Custom Solid Hardwood Free-Standing Perimeter Baseboard Heaters & Covers