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Dynamic Air Diffuser (DAD)
Double the Performance in One Great Looking Package

Acting as both a diffuser and a ceiling fan, the Dynamic Air Diffuser requires no electricity – it uses the forced air from the operating HVAC units in the building instead. Airflow from the attached ductwork flows through the diffuser’s hub and out the engineered linear slots of the fan blades to produce its turning motion without electrical assistance. The aerodynamic blades create a smooth and effortless constant throw of mixed air in the conditioned space, keeping the occupants comfortable with an even temperature from head to toe.

Built to last:

Heavy gauge aluminum hub and blade construction
Upper collar constructed of 16 and 18 gauge galvanized metal for a more secure connection
Upper and lower hub spun for rigidity, appearance and balance
Blades are engineered and formed to allow for great aerodynamics
Dual shielded ball bearings
Hardened steel shaft
Selection of mounting accessories and add-ons

Double powder coated finish in colors of white, black, copper and aluminum – custom colors available

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