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RF Zone Control System

The AZ-C210 Zone controller operates with the new RF communication method which saves a lot of time during installation.

The AZ-C210 controls up to 5 zones (Rooms & Bypass)

The Bypass will balance the air flow according to the load in the rooms.

The use of the RF signals eliminates the need to use cables between each thermostat to the main controller.

The distance between the AZ-C210 controllers to any of the thermostats should be no more then 100 feet.

The thermostat is immune to interferences from mobile phones and other electromagnetic interferences.

The Advantages of the AZ-C210 Zone Control System:

Provides room-by-room comfort control

Reduces equipment run time

Provides ideal comfort conditions

Works with standard air conditioning ducted systems

Enables you to heat or cool only the areas required, as and when required

Reduces energy costs

Controls up to 5 zones and BYPASS damper

Quick and easy installation